Food and agricultural cargoes

Export of agricultural products is a strategic branch of Ukrainian economics. Therefore, a significant proportion of products that are transported by Global Ocean Link abroad is composed of grain, legume and oleaceae products. In Ukraine, 91.2% of grain is transported by sea, the rest of the production falls on rail and road transport. The balance of any system ensures its effective operation.


Transportation of grain crops is carried out in bulk. This type of container transportation, which has such advantages:

  • optimal freight cost;
  • shipments can be made in small batches;
  • grain storage in elevators does not require quotas.


Grain in containers, which is transported by Global Ocean Link, allows to provide:

  • grain transshipment from transport to containers;
  • possibility of survey and certification;
  • customs clearance;
  • freight and booking.

The complexities associated with geopolitical changes make us look for new solutions. One of them is transportation of grain in containers. This type of transportation is characterized by versatility, allows you to ship products in small batches, volume from 500 to 5000 thousand tons. Transportation by containers also allows you to establish contacts with small consumers, due to the regularity of container lines, a certain period of delivery and the ability to clearly plan the process.

The experience of Global Ocean Link allows us to provide a range of services, which includes:

  • accumulation of empty containers;
  • installation of wooden boards in them;
  • provision of reception of cars and cars;
  • implementation of incoming quality control;
  • strapparava of cargo in containers directly and through the warehouse;
  • provision of warehouse accounting;
  • export of loaded containers to the port.

The company uses special equipment such as a screw loader, a pneumatic conveyor and a grain truck for transshipment. The equipment has a different degree of performance, which allows it to be used for all types of crops.


In addition to these services, the company offers additional services:

  • fumigation of cargo, which is accompanied by a fumigation certificate;
  • separation;
  • cargo insurance;
  • disinfection of wooden materials;
  • surver control and inventory control;
  • arranging the storage of goods in customs bonded warehouse;
  • ability to provide FCR.
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