Consent to the processing of personal data of users of the Global Ocean Link LLC site (Privacy Policy)

In accordance with the Law of Ukraine dated 01.06.10 № 2297-VI “On personal data protection” (hereinafter — the “Law”), I (“subject”) give my consent to the processing of GLOBAL OCEAN LINK, registration code 36554180, Odessa, 83A, Srednyaya str. (hereinafter — the “Company”) of my personal data and confirm that in giving this consent, I am acting by his own will and in their interest. The consent applies to the following information: my name, surname, patronymic, telephone, e-mail, and other information relating to my face. Consent to the processing of personal data is given by me in order to use the services of this site.

Consent is granted for the implementation of any actions in relation to Personal Data that are necessary to achieve the above objectives, including without limitation: collecting, organizing, storing, storing, updating (updating, changing), using, distributing (including transferring), depersonalizing, blocking , destruction, as well as the implementation of any other actions with personal data in accordance with applicable law. The processing of personal data is carried out by the Company in the following ways: processing of personal data using automation tools, processing personal data without using automation tools (manual processing). When processing personal data, the Company is not limited in the application of methods for their processing. I agree that, if necessary, the Company has the right to provide my personal data to achieve the above objectives to a third party (including subsidiaries and affiliates), their agents, contractors and other persons authorized by them. Such third parties are entitled to the processing of personal data on the basis of this consent. This consent is given by me indefinitely, but can be revoked by sending me a written notice to the Company at least 1 (one) month before the withdrawal of the consent.

This consent is a written notice to the subject of personal data that it is included in the Company’s personal database on the day of signing this agreement (acceptance).

In accordance with Article 8 of the Law, the subject of personal data, signing (accepting) this Consent is considered to be in writing informed that he has the right to: know the location of the personal data base containing his personal data, its purpose and name, location and / or place of residence (stay) of the owner or manager of this database, or give the appropriate order to obtain this information to the persons authorized by him, except as required by law; receive information about the conditions for granting access to personal data, including information about third parties to whom his personal data is transmitted, contained in the relevant personal data database for access to his personal data contained in the relevant personal data database; receive, no later than thirty calendar days from the date of the request, except as otherwise provided by the Law, an answer stating that his personal data is stored in the relevant personal data database, as well as receiving the contents of his personal data stored; make a motivated demand with objection to the processing of their personal data by state authorities, local authorities in the exercise of their powers provided for by the Law; make a reasoned request to change or destroy their personal data by any owner and manager of this database, if this data is processed illegally or unreliable; to protect their personal data from unlawful processing and accidental loss, destruction, damage due to deliberate concealment, failure to provide or untimely granting, as well as protection from providing information that is unreliable or discrediting the honor, dignity and business reputation of an individual; to apply for the protection of their personal data rights to the state authorities, local authorities, whose powers include the implementation of personal data protection; apply remedies in case of violation of personal data protection legislation.

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