Transporting oil and other bulk liquid cargoes in standard sea containers using flexitanks

Global Ocean Link is a leader of door-to-door transportation on the Ukrainian market. Meanwhile, new and more efficient methods of cargo transportation are constantly being developed, which allows improving the quality of services in the logistics market. The carriage of flexitanks is one of the most progressive methods in the field of logistics.


Flexitank is a sealed, elastic container, which is successfully used for transportation and storage of non-hazardous liquid cargo. Technical characteristics of flexitank allow transportation of various fats and oils, including sunflower oil. In this regard, the transportation of oil is carried out in this way. Flexitank can be considered a good alternative to traditional tanks and containers, especially when it comes to small consignments, ranging in volume from 22 to 3000 tons.

Advantages of flexitank

  • installation inside the container provides almost half the capacity compared to barrels and bottles;

  • for transportation of liquids in flexitanks can be used 20 ‘and 40’ sea containers, also allowed the use of road and rail transport;

  • oils can be loaded while they are still hot (up to 45–60°C);
  • the cargo remains sealed and there is no risk of contamination;
  • relatively low price of installation;
  • flexitanks are disposable so there are no expenses on return shipping.

Our company is ready to develop individual logistics solutions in accordance with the requirements of customers and taking into account their production capabilities.



Advantages of working with Global Ocean Link company:

  • best rates, as our companies provide every step of the transportation chain without intermediaries, starting from the actual flexitanks and fixing material, and ending with the sea freight, issuing bills of lading and monitoring the goods while they are in transit;

  • the use of reliable four-layer flexitanks from the leading German manufacturer Büscherhoff;

  • we mount the flexitanks into the containers ourselves, so you receive containers that are completely prepared for filling;

  • we control the filling process by dispatching a representative to oversee every filling you make.


Flexitank preparation process

Подготовка флекситанка

The process of preparation

Укладка флекситанка

Laying flexitank in the container

Выравнивание положения флекситанка

Flexitank alignment

Уложенный флекситанк

Layed flexitank before installing the shield

Контейнер перед закрытием

Container before closing and shipping

Заливочный шланг подключен к флекситанку

The fill hose is connected to the flexitank

Контейнер готов к пломбированию

The hose connector is closed and the container is ready to be sealed

Груженый контейнер готов к отправке

The loaded container is ready to be sent from the facility to the port

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